Audi love

Every once in a while I like to part take in reading and watching auto blogs. I started off loving honda accords then progressed to any car I could get my hands on. As I’ve matured I find myself being an audi and volkswagen whore.

I myself own a 2004 Audi Avant A4 1.8. A simple man’s car but how I love this car. I remember when I bought her… The satisfaction she put on my face when I drive her. I would drive from ¬†Allentown, PA. to NYC and zone out because the drive was so humbling.

I say to myself that I want to keep my car forever but I have got my eye on that RS6 Avant – Fire!

I would like to honor the magazines and blogs that have allowed me to stay abreast of all of the happening of everything auto especially Audi!